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Portable Bench top high frequency AC ion air blower KF-10A

  • Decay time : 1.5s
  • Ion balance : 0士10V


KF-10A is the low pressure high frequency beach top AC ionizing air blower, It's portable and easy for use.

Ion balance can be achieved less than ± 10 V. Wind Speed is adjustable for this desktop ion air blower.Front window is removable for cleaning, maintenance and replacement.

Technical Parameters

ModelKF-10AAir volume0.82-1.21m³/min
Input voltageDC24VOzone concentrationbelow 0.03ppm (distance 150mm)
lon balanceAutomatic ion balance system 0士10VWorking temperature0-40℃
Decay timeAbout 1.5s   (distance 200mm)Working humidity

30- 70%RH (No condensation or water droplets)


0.63kg ( bracket included)

Product Size

106*61*120 mm ( bracket exclusive)


  • Apply high frequency AC type to achieve excellent ion balance.

  • Indicator for fan operating alarm of both normal and abnormal condition.

  • Indicator for High voltage operating alarm of both normal and abnormal condition.

  • Visual management of working performance and wind speed display.

  • Removable discharge needle parts and the front window and convenience for cleaning, maintenance and replacement.

Test conditions

Working voltage: DC24V.   Testing voltage: 土1000V - 士100V.    Temperature: 23℃±2℃

DistanceDecay time (+/-)Ion balance(+/-)Remark

1.Testing method: Using charged plate monitor to test.

2.Decay time tested with the maximum air volume and voltage from 士1000V to 士100V.

3.Test in central area of the front air window. 


Structural highlights

01  Front window

Use a linear grid type window to make the blowing wind diffuse and enhance the static elimination effect, and can be flexibly disassembled for easy maintenance.

Accessory, can be purchased separately.

02  Discharge needle

Discharge needle parts can be disassembled for replacement and maintenance.Cleaning or maintenance outside the work area to avoid secondary pollution.

Accessory, can be purchased separately.

03  Metal window mesh

Accessory, can be purchased separately.


04  Housing

The outer casing is made of stainless steel, which is more suitable for use in clean rooms.(white powder coating)

05  Indicator

Unique LED display for visual viewing the work status and management

Normal working condition   /  abnormal working condition

Fan normal operating condition / fan abnormal operating condition

Air volume decrease, increase button and air volume indicator

06  Grounding socket

07  Power socket

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