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Ionizing Air Nozzle KZ-10A-SY-HPJ

  • Ion balance:0±10V
  • With Photoelectric sensor
  • Metal painting housing grounding shield
  • Different nozzle heads optional


KZ-10A-SY-HPJ  is an ultra-small-size of high-frequency AC ionizing air nozzle, with Photoelectric sensor, more smarter.the weight is only 90 g, thickness is only 22 mm. Built-in high voltage is more safe, nozzle type electrostatic eliminate can be carried out from needle point to large area;  different kinds of nozzles optional according to the different requirements of electrostatic eliminate, make it twice the result with half the effort, the inner wall of the shell sprayed metal paint, so that the whole fuselage plays the role of grounding shielding.

Technical Parameters

ModelKZ-10A-SY-HPJAir pressure application range0.05-0.5Mpa
Input voltageDC24VOzone concentrationbelow 0.03ppm (distance 150mm)
lon balanceAutomatic ion balance system 0±10VWorking temperature0-40℃
Current 60mAWorking humidity

30- 70% RH (No condensation or water droplets)

Filter precision40-60μm
Tube diameterφ6 windpipe


Product Size

105 * 56 * 22 mm 


  • Automatic ion balance system, the ion balance can be reached within 0±10V.

  • With Photoelectric sensor, more smarter.

  • Different nozzle heads and air curtain optional depending on the applied situation.

  • Built-in high voltage system, more safe and convenient.

  • The inner wall of the housing is sprayed with metal painting to make the whole body grounding shield.

  • Indicator for high voltage operating alarm and cleaning remind. 

Test conditions

Working voltage: DC24V.   Testing voltage: ±1000V - ±100V.    Temperature: 23℃±2℃

DistanceDecay time (+/-)Ion balance(+/-)Remark
150mm0.5s/-0.6s 0±10V

1.Firstly, be sure to connect compressed air, then turn on the power.
2.Ion balance measurement according to KESD measuring condition.Any questions please consult us.
3.The filter is optional.
4.The above table data is under specific temperature and humidity.


Structural highlights

ionizing air nozzle KZ-10A

01 Indicators

Power indicator (Green)

High voltage normal operation (Blue)

Cleaning reminder indicator (Yellow)

High voltage abnormal operation (Red)

04 Photoelectric sensor

Adjustable for sensing distance: ≤ 300mm

05 Electromagnetic valve

After the photoelectric sensor senses the product, the solenoid valve automatically turns on, with ion generated and air entilated at the same time.

02 High voltage box

Built-in high voltage system, more safe and convenient.

Inside the ceramic HV generator and tungsten alloy discharge needle.

The inner wall of the housing is sprayed with metal painting to make the whole body grounding shield.



Variety of nozzle heads can be choose according to the anti static requirements and the applied situation.


Customer project application :


Ionizing Air Nozzle KZ-10A-SY-HPJ Ionizing Air Nozzle KZ-10A-SY-HPJ
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