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Ionizing Air Bar Static Eliminator High Frequency AC Type KE-36X

  • Input voltage: DC24V±5%
  • Automatic Clean 0-999H adjustable
  • Smart Visualization Panel
  • length is optional


KE-36X is a high frequency AC ionizing air bar, the frequency can reach 68000 Hz, It with automatic ion balance system,  static eliminate speed is fast, the ion balance can be achieved ±20 V, with high voltage abnormal alarm and clean warning indicator light.

Technical Parameters

Decay time2s (300mm,0.2Mpa)Air pressure application range0.01-0.5Mpa
Input voltageDC24V±5%Ozone concentrationbelow 0.03ppm (distance 150mm)
lon balanceAutomatic ion balance within±20V (test distance 300mm)Working temperatureIndoor 0-40℃
Working voltageHigh frequency AC ±2200VWorking humidity

30- 70% RH (No condensation or water droplets)

Clean time

0-999H optional

Airflow applied

Clear air (without water and oil)


  • Applying high frequency AC mode, and the frequency can reach 68000Hz.

  • The clean time can be settled from 0-999 hours according to the workshop environment

  • Side wiring to ensure front and rear space.

  • Automatic ion balance system, fast static elimination.

  • Increase the air volume to get a better performance

  • Equipped with high-voltage normal operation indicator and high-voltage abnormal operation indicator.

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