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Automatic Clean Ionizing Air Blower desktop ion fan KF-21AW

  • Ion balance : 0±10V
  • Automatic Clean time setting 0-999 hours optional
  • Smart Visualization Panel display
  • Support network monitoring function


KF-21AW is portable desk top ionizer air blower. Ion balance can be achieved less than ± 10 V.It's very safe as the low pressure high-frequency AC type with anti-static ABS shell. The product has automatic cleaning function,set clean time 0-999 hours optional. The fan reverses when cleaning, prevents the dust pollution front-end product. It's our best seller with very stable performance.

Technical Parameters

ModelKF-21AWAir volume2.56-4.07m³/min
Input voltageDC24VOzone concentrationbelow 0.03ppm (distance 150mm)
lon balanceAutomatic ion balance system 0±10VWorking temperature0-40℃
Working voltageHigh frequency  AC ±2200VWorking humidity

30- 70%RH (No condensation or water droplets)


1.5kg ( bracket included)

Product Size

142.6* 78 * 178 mm ( bracket exclusive)


  • High frequency AC method, achieved excellent ionization equilibrium 0±10V.

  • Fan speed 7 segments adjustable F01-F07.

  • Set up automatic cleaning time 0-999 hours. clean time setting show in LED display.

  • with function of lock the whole machine.

  • support network monitoring function.

  • with fan abnormal alarm indicator.

  • with high pressure abnormal alarm Indicator. 

  • Fan reversal to prevent secondary pollution.

  • spray point assembly and the front air window can be disassembled flexibly, convenient for cleaning, maintenance and replacement 

Test conditions

Working voltage: DC24V.   Testing voltage: ±1000V - ±100V.    Temperature: 23℃±2℃

DistanceDecay time (+/-)Ion balance(+/-)Remark
300mm1.0s/-1.5s 0±10V

1.Testing method: Using charged plate monitor to test.

2.Decay time tested with the maximum air volume and voltage from ±1000V to ±100V.

3.Test in the central area of the front air window. 


Structural highlights

Auto clean.png


01  Front window

The front window can be flexibly disassembled, then automatically power off.Built-in automatic cleaning discharge needle structure, maintenance-free.

The brush made of special materials make cleaning more thorough.

02  Discharge needle

Tungsten alloy discharge needle with 99.99% tungsten content. Each needle produces both positive and negative ions, enabling excellent electronic balance.

06 Operation panel and function setting buttons

Adjustable fan air speed with seven levels- F-01~F-07

Adjustable cleaning time setting from 0 hour to 999 hours- H000~H999

Fan normal/abnormal operating condition

HV normal/abnormal  working condition

Lock/unlock function of the whole machine


07 USB interface

08 DC24V power port

09 Grounding port

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