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Automatic Clean Ionizing Air Blower desktop ion fan KF-19AT

  • Ion balance : 0±5V
  • Automatic Clean 0-999H adjustable
  • Smart Visualization Panel display


KF-19AT is the low-frequency AC ionizing air blower,  Ion balance can be achieved less than ± 5 V. It can show the ion balance range.It's very safe with anti-static shell. The product has automatic cleaning function, the fan reverses when cleaning, prevents the dust pollution front-end product.

Technical Parameters

ModelKF-19ATAir volume2.56-4.07m³/min
Input voltageDC24VOzone concentrationbelow 0.03ppm (distance 150mm)
lon balanceAutomatic ion balance system 0±5VWorking temperature0-40℃
Working voltageAC  ±5000VWorking humidity

30- 70%RH (No condensation or water droplets)


0.8kg ( bracket included)

Product Size

178*146.4*75.5 mm ( bracket exclusive)


  • Automatic cleaning function for discharge needles and reverse fan design to avoid the recontamination after cleaning.

  • With wireless network monitoring, real-time monitoring via wireless receiver and transmitter (temporarily unused)

  • According to the workshop environment level, there is setting timer from 0-999 hours of automatic cleaning, as well as the LED display of setting time.

  • Automatic ion balance system, and the ion balance can be reached within 0±5V.

  • Lock function of the whole machine (refer to the button function description).

  • With abnormal operation alarm system.

Test conditions

Working voltage: DC24V.   Testing voltage: ±1000V - ±100V.    Temperature: 23℃±2℃

DistanceDecay time (+/-)Ion balance(+/-)Remark
300mm1.0s/-1.5s 0±5V

1.Testing method: Using charged plate monitor to test.

2.Decay time tested with the maximum air volume and voltage from ±1000V to ±100V.

3.Test in the central area of the front air window. 


Structural highlights

19AT ion air blower.png19AT  ionizer air blower.png

01  Front window

The front window can be flexibly disassembled, then automatically power off.Built-in automatic cleaning discharge needle structure, maintenance-free.

The brush made of special materials make cleaning more thorough.

02  Discharge needle

Tungsten alloy discharge needle with 99.99% tungsten content. Each needle produces both positive and negative ions, enabling excellent electronic balance.

04  Housing

Made of anti-static ABS material.

06 Operation panel and function setting buttons

Show Ion balance status  (normal/heavily negative/slightly negative/slightly positive/heavily positive)

Adjustable fan air speed with seven levels- F-01~F-07

Adjustable cleaning time setting from 0 hour to 999 hours- H000~H999

Fan normal/abnormal operating condition

HV normal/abnormal  working condition

Lock/unlock function of the whole machine


07 USB interface

08 6P Power port

09 Grounding port

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