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Anti Static and Dust Collecting Box KH-A5G

  • Support assembly line production
  • Support desktop operations


 KH-A5G is a removable small dust collection clean room with the function of dust removal and electrostatic eliminate.The use of radio induction operation to facilitate factory management and energy conservation.It's not only suitable for table work, but also support assembly line production operations.

Electrostatic dust removal box adopts high frequency AC method. Suitable for removing the static electricity and dust of liquid crystal parts, lens resin molding products and electronic parts, and can completely avoid the dust from secondary adhesion. The small cabinet ensures an effective range of static elimination and dust removal, thereby reducing costs, improving work quality and efficiency, and saving work space.

Technical Parameters

Model KH-A5GAir pressure application rangeFree setting in the range of 0.05-0.5Mpa
Input voltageAC220V/50HZ Electricity-gas Action time
0-30s Free setting range 
lon balance 0±35VWorking temperature0-40℃ 
Current consumption 750mA-1100mAWith static eliminator1 set
Ion generation mode 

High frequency AC type

Working humidity

30- 70% RH (No condensation)

Opening size

Working area

158*140*113 mm


Overall size

 280*245*164 mm


  • Designed to remove static electricity, dust removal and dust collection

  • Suitable for desktop operations and support assembly line production.

  • High frequency AC type is very safe and fast for dust and static removal.

  • Can completely avoid the dust from secondary adhesion.

  • Reducing costs, improving work quality and efficiency,saving work space.

Test conditions

Working voltage: DC24V.   Testing voltage: ±1000V - ±100V.    Temperature: 32℃±2℃

DistanceDecay time (+/-)Ion balance(+/-)Remark
110mm0.7s/-0.9s 0±35V

Test conditions:

1.    Voltage changed from ±1000V to ±100V.

2.    Test the decay time with plate monitor of 150mm×150mm (20pF).

Structural highlights


01 Ionizing air nozzle (KZ-10A)

02 Silencer spray head

03 Regulating valve (Regulate air flow)

04 Pressure gauge

05 Air curtain tube

06 Power supply

07 Optoelectronic switch

08 Transparent anti-static cover 

09 Transparent antistatic cover

10 Power port (rear panel)

11 Air inlets (rear panel)

12 Throttling valve (Regulate air curtain tube)

dust box working step.png

Anti Static and Dust Collecting Box KH-A5G Anti Static and Dust Collecting Box KH-A5G
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