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Ionizer FFU combine dust remove with static eliminator

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According to the need of dust remove and static eliminator of manufacture cleanroom.

KESD developed and launched ionizer FFU KU-50 which combine the function of FFU with electrostatic removal equipment.  

This help customers reduced the cost and reduced the complexity of purchasing ESD equipment.

simplify the arrangement of clean space equipment, create a safe standard dust-free and static-free clean environment 



1. With electrostatic removal and dust removal function;

2. Support wireless network monitoring; 

3. With temperature, humidity and dust particle display and detection function;

4. Equipped with motor normal operation indicator light and abnormal alarm indicator light;

5. Equipped with anti-static normal operation lights and high-voltage abnormal alarm indicator lights;

6. Equipped with filter normal operation indicator light, clean warning and replace alarm indicator light; 

7. lonizer balance can achieve 20V-35V.

8. Fan Speed is adjustable F1-F5.

9. Ionizer moudule external or built-in version optional.


KU-50 intelligent display board is convenient for intelligent management, can display normal operation indicator, air volume display, motor fan abnormal alarm indicator, 

filter cleaning remind, wireless connection indicator, high voltage alarm lamp, temperature display, humidity display, Dust partical, remote control and other functions. 

Wireless network connection can be connected with computer and other terminals to realize intelligent management and provide industrial intelligent upgrading scheme for manufacturing industry.


Ionizer FFU (Fan Filter Unit) with the function of dust remove and static eliminator.

It's widely used in Cleanroom,Pharmacy, Hospital,Food factory, Biology laboratory,Cosmetics factory,Optical experiment, Printing workshop,etc.

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