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Importance of ionizer air blower in LCD display industry ESD control

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In the process of mobile phone, computer, LCD and other display processing industries,ionizer air blower often play an important role in removing static electricity, remove dust and ESD control. 

Ionizer blowers reduce dust adsorption, keep the product clean, remove static electricity from the production process, avoid static electricity do harm to the product.

Briefly,ionizer air blower can greatly improve the quality of the product. Ensure the normal operation of the production line. 


In a series of display manufacture processing,such as acid engraving, cleaning, drying, friction, powder spraying, crystallization, bonding, cutting and so on, 

requires ionizer air blower to remove static electricity and dust. Because the adsorption static electricity will cause the product to appear the defect and scrap. 

Therefore when choose ionizer air blower, the front and rear air window should be detachable. it's easy to clean once a week.  

This can avoid the ionizer air blower tip ionization corrosion and secondary pollution.  

KESD ionizer air blower with detachable front and rear air windows, also can be cleaned automatically. Therefore, it's generally recogized by the public.

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