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KESD Automatic Clean Ionizing Air Blower ESD ion fan KF-21AW

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KESD Automatic Clean Ionizer Air Blower KF-21AW advantages :

  • High frequency AC method, achieved 0±10V excellent ionization balance.

  • Set up automatic cleaning time any figure from 1h to 999Hours. clean time setting show in LED display.

  • Fan speed 7 segments adjustable F01-F07.

  • Support network monitoring function.

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Front air window can be disassembled without tool flexibly, convenient for cleaning, maintenance and replacement. 
Ion fan automatic shutdown after removal front air window. KESD ionizer air blower is more safe.

With specail brush, which support antomatic clean/manual clean. 

When Automatic clean, ion fan reversal to prevent dust secondary pollution.


Ion balance within 10V.
Decay time within 2s.

KESD raising front air window ensured the ion releasing in the range of 120 degree. Wide cover range. while other brand ionizer fan 90 degree only.


High Frequency AC type ±2200V, more safe solution.
Each needle produces both positive and negative ions, enabling excellent electronic balance.

Tungsten alloy discharge needle with 99.99% tungsten content. Disassembled,convenient for cleaning, maintenance and replacement.


More smart visualization LED display, easy to operate the ionizing air blower. 
Automatic Clean time setting 1h-999hours, ion fan speed F1-F7 show on LED display.


Compare with Japanese/American brands, KESD ionizing air blower have same performance,even more function with special design, much cheaper price.
Hope you'll find more about our products value. Thank you!

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