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KESD Electrostatic dust removal box Anti static dust clean box

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More and more customers inquiry Anti Static and Dust Collecting Box,KESD dust clean box advantages are as below : 

  • Designed to remove static electricity, dust removal and dust collection

  • Automatic induction with sensor

  • With two set static eliminator

  • Suitable for desktop operations and support assembly line production.

  • High frequency AC type is very safe and fast for dust and static removal.

  • Reducing costs, improving work quality and efficiency,saving work space.

  • Designed to remove static electricity, dust removal and dust collection.

    This picture is from our customer who manufacture watches.

    Electrostatic dust removal box suitable for removing static electricity and dust of liquid crystal parts,  can completely avoid the dust from secondary adhesion.

    Small nozzle type static eliminator is installed inside.  The upper and left transparent acrylic covers have good visibility and can be removed. besides,by removing lower side cover and install the product on the assembly line,work efficiency can be further increased.

    The small cabinet ensures an effective range of static elimination and dust removal.thereby reducing costs, improving work quality and efficiency and saving work space. 

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