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Anti-static ionizing air bar for ESD control static eliminator

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KESD best seller Ionizing Air Bar KE-36X:    Selling points show on Youtube video :    

1.  High frequency AC ±2200V, 68000Hz. More safe solution. KESD Anti-static bar achived better Ion balance within ±20V. 


2. High voltage package independent:

   For KESD ion bar, one high voltage package match one discharge needle.  this make better ion balance.  

   Even one high voltage package damaged, other high voltage can cover it's function and work normally.

   While other brands ionizer air bar, using one high voltage to match all discharge needles to save cost. 

   If one high voltage package damaged, it's cannot work.


3. Special structure design: KESD ionizer air bar own patent on wind-type design.

     Make the exhaust air of each hole more abundant and more balance.  


4. Discharge needle detachable.  life time is longer with tungsten alloy material. 99.8% tungsten.  life time up to 20000h.

   Nozzles are tapered to prevent dust and oxide from adhering to the tip.  


5.  Smart Visualization Panel:
     Clean remind time setting 0-999h adjustable
     High voltage normal/abnormal indicator



6.  Air pressure Regulating valve is imported from Japan.  
     With double clasp design to avoid blow up when high air pressure. Even top brands have no this thoughtful detail design.

     Install angle can be adjust 180 degree.   Power supply port is designed as network wiring hole.  Easy to install and use.  

     Length is optional.


KESD Anti-static bar is a good choice for ESD control/static eliminator. 

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