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Add ionizer air bar to air shower system in cleanroom workshop

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As we all know,when enter into cleanroom workshop, workers must pass through the dust removal system equipment to clean the dust from the human body. 

The function of the wind shower equipment system is to blow off the dust on the human body and absorb the dust on the filter through the circulation system. 

People usually think that dust adsorption can be removed by enough wind, but ignoring that gas friction will also produce static electricity. 

And the greater the wind, The electrostatic dust in the space is easy to still adsorb to the human body after dust blowing.

It does not really achieved the purpose of dust removal, but increases the generation of static electricity.

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Therefore, the air shower equipment system needs to add the Anti static ionizer air bar. 

The electrostatic ion air bar is a kind of bar type electrostatic removal equipment in the electrostatic eliminator. 

It has good electrostatic removal effect and can remove the static electricity from the human body in the dust-free workshop air shower equipment system. 

It solve the problem that the dust is adsorbed to the human body again. The electrostatic ion air bar can not only remove static electricity, but also remove dust. 

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